The Titanic

Two of our children recreated the Titanic at the block area. They spent a lot of time building and arranging the blocks creating features such as funnels, chimneys and wooden figures for the ” titanic people” .

O – ” it was a big ship and it hit a stone …. the captain was driving the ship and it crashed ”

C – ” it sank cause water went into it…….there was a hole and the water went in cause it was so full”

O – “the water just went up and up and up”

C -” it happened hundreds of days ago”

Signs of Spring

There was excitement in the nursery when some of the children noticed the shoots appearing in the garden, since then they have been monitoring them and recording their growth observing how they are growing and changing. The children have also been noticing other early signs of spring and have been sharing their thoughts.

Mila – “I’ve got daffodils”

Niamh – “the snowdrops have all blossomed…………there’s lots and lots of flowers…………our skin falls off and we get new skin just like the trees getting new leaves.”

Kai – “flowers”

George H – “I see birds”

Roman – “I hear chickens, I saw the sun and it went like a rainbow”

Lucia – “I see little trees and big trees”

Joelle – “we get eggs”

Lexi – “new leaves like the trees”

Isobella – “I’ve noticed baby birds……… we need to plant little seeds in soil”

Harry – “I see animals in the morning…a baby hedgehog called Bumpy, in my real garden I’ve got a little bit flowers”

Arahabella -” the leaves go back on the trees and show up………. the weather changes”

Seal Rescue

Mrs Anthoney brought in her seal rescue kit to show the children and share some stories about her role as a volunteer with the British Divers Marine Mammal Rescue Charity (BDMMR).

The children were learning about how the seal pups that get separated from their mother’s because of the storms can’t survive without their milk if they are less than a month old. They also learned that seal pups can be aggressive when they are scared so never to go near them, always phone BDMMR if they see one on the beach and a volunteer will come and take them to the vet, then the  wildlife rescue centre.

Here are some of the comments the children made-

“You need gloves to protect you “- the seal might be scared” – Niamh

“If the mummy’s not going to come we help – I’d like to do a rescue job” – Louisa

“I found a seal at the harbour” – Callum

“Why don’t you have a real seal?” – Harry

“They are lost” – Roman

“You wear the gloves so your hands don’t get yucky” – Arabella

“Scales are to weight the seals” – Amelia

“The seals are happy” – Caleb

“You must remember to wear gloves and put the seal in the trolly to keep it safe” – Isobella

The Story of The Lost Hat

The Lost Hat 

George’s hat was stuck up a tree. Freddie said, ” we got a problem “. The boys and girls soon rallied round to help.


Mila said  ” we could try shaking it “. We all shook the tree but that didn’t work ! Freddie said, ” we need a long thing “. The boys and girls tried several things including a brush and a spade but that didn’t work !

Then we had a good idea. Freddie and George carried creates over to help reach but it was still no good.

George said ” I actually miss my hat “.

Freddie had one final go.


Finally Mrs Wilson did a really big stretch up and reached George’s hat. We were all so happy, especially George. We all cheered and did a big