Our Nursery







Look at all the fantastic areas set up for the children to investigate and explore.   This week we are learning:

  • to say forward and backward number sequences
  • to recognise numerals
  • about nocturnal animals
  • about time and when different events happen in a day eg. morning and evening.

We are also exploring mark making and sensory experiences




The Snowy Day

Can you use the pictures below to make up your own story.  You can tell your story/write your story or even draw your story?  Please share your stories with us.  We would love to see what happens to the dogs and the fox on this snowy day.


Missing Numbers Game 🦉

Today we are going to play a little game where you have to figure out which number is missing.  First I must introduce you to Enchanted.   She is a beautiful owl but can sometimes be a little bit cheeky.  She loves the numbers 1-10 and when you are not looking she likes to sneak them away to her nest.



Can you look at the following pictures and work out which number Enchanted has sneaked away?




Sometimes Enchanted even takes two numbers at the same time!!!  Can you figure out which numbers are missing now?

Well done everyone!  Enchanted is feeling very happy with herself right now!  Look she has taken all the numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Have you ever bought playdough at the shops that quickly went very crumbly and ended up on the floor rather than on the table. Here is a great easy recipe to make your own playgough. Playdough strengthens the muscles in childrens hands, encourages imagination and creativity and develops hand/eye co-ordination. Happy playdough making.