Colour Experiment

With Mrs Braids help some of the children explored what happened when you added water to skittles. They soon discovered that the colour travelled from the sweets on the plate creating an amazing rainbow effect.

Lori – ” the sweeties will melt”

” the colours all melted off “

Lunch at the Dinner Hall

The children have been giving a thumbs up to having lunch at the dinner hall.

Callum – ” I think it’s got a lot of seats ”

Agam – ” I like to go for lunch to the place to eat, it’s a big place ”

Joelle – ” I did have lots of seats and strawberry and watermelon ”

Amelia – ” Good because I like bringing a pack I like whats inside it ”

George ” I liked the seats because they were all blue ………. roast beef is good ”

Ivanina ” I like it ”

Fraser ” like lunch in dinner hall”

Mila – ” it’s good because its so beautiful ”

Connolly – ” it’s two thumbs up I love this place ”

Emma ” I like it ”