Mango and rhubarb tasting

Our question of the week was

Have you tried mango before?

There was a mix of some children who had and some who had not. We decided to buy some mango to let the children have a taste.

We then found some rhubarb in our nursery garden. We stewed the rhubarb and then made a rhubarb crumble to try at snack time.

It was great hearing the childrens voice whether they liked or disliked the fruits. By the look of some of their faces in these photos you could guess what they thought!

Important Nursery Update

Hello Everyone.

We are really looking forward to welcoming all the nursery children back next week.  The children’s days will remain the same as they were before the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, however there have been some changes to the drop off and pick up times. Please see below for details

Monkeys and Elephants to attend on a Monday and Tuesday, Tigers and Giraffes to attend on a Wednesday and Thursday

  • Drop off – 8:15 am or 8.45 am
  • Pick up – 3:30 pm or 4:15 pm

If you previously collected your child at 3:15 pm we will assume that they will now be collected at 3:30 pm. If you would like to change to 4.15pm or you would like to change your pick up time from 4.15pm to 3.30pm please let us know by emailing or phoning the school or nursery.

When dropping off and collecting children we ask the following of you

  • please avoid congregating outside school gates at either end of the school day
  • please follow the national FACTS guidance in relation to 2m physical distancing
    and wearing face coverings.

Apologies for any inconvenience.