Safe Sally


We are learning about the wellbeing indicators at nursery and decided the best way to introduce these indicators was through the use of our Shanarri dolls.  Over the last 3 weeks Safe Sally has taught us all about keeping safe.   We talked about how to keep safe at home and the safety around medicines.  The children have absolutely adored having Sally in the nursery and particularly enjoyed looking through Safe Sally’s bag and decided which items were safe for children to touch and which items were not. The children even remembered to take Safe Sally out when we had a fire drill.  Here are some of the children’s voices round safety:

Amelia – Safe Sally helped us with the fire alarm

Agam – Never touch hair straighteners, they are hot!

Callum – There is a candle inside you might burn yourself

Isobel – That’s a bear that’s safe

Harrison – You have to stop when crossing the road, hold hands

Niamh – Glass will jab you

Freddie – Don’t touch the cooker it is hot!

George P  – Mum eats tablets.  I only have vitamins

Luca – Don’t touch tablets or medincine

Louisa – A gun is not safe!

This week Safe Sally is going to introduce her friend Healthy Harry to the children.  We are very excited to learn with Healthy Harry right up to the Christmas holidays!


Question of the day ????

In nursery we have been learning about different parts of the day. Children’s voice is very important to us at St.Mary’s. We recently asked some of the children if they liked the dark. Here are some of their responses:

No but my sister does. I have a mushroom light on. I’m scared of monsters.

I like the dark. I like riding my bike at night – it has a light.

No Violet doesn’t like the dark!

Yes because its dark at Christmas and Santa comes to say hi!

No! I hear stomping sounds in the night!

I like going out in the dark because I get to use a torch.

Don’t like the dark it makes me scared.

George P
No I like the morning

I like to go out in the dark at night time. You might see a wolf!

George H
I like the dark because its dark!

I go out in the dark to see my Nana.

Our Nursery







Look at all the fantastic areas set up for the children to investigate and explore.   This week we are learning:

  • to say forward and backward number sequences
  • to recognise numerals
  • about nocturnal animals
  • about time and when different events happen in a day eg. morning and evening.

We are also exploring mark making and sensory experiences