Exploring Sense of Smell


In nursery we have been exploring our senses. Today we investigated the smell and texture of lemons and limes in water. The children squeezed the juice out, observing the colour of the juice, and the smell it created. We moved on to explore more scents. Peppermint teabags was a firm favourite. We thought mixed herbs smelled like pizza and ginger smelled like cake. We mixed all our scents together to create a smelly sensory soup.



Happy Hanukkah

This week the children have been learning all about the celebration of Hanukkah which this year began at sunset on the 28th November and will end at sunset on the 6th December. We have been making chatterboxes, playing dreidel games and have lit the menorah.

Halloween Fun

Here are some of the childrens’ thoughts on Halloween:

I like Halloween and the dark. I’m going to be a witch – Ivie

Yes I like to trick and treat and carve a pumpkin – Arahbella

I like Halloween. You have to get an apple with your mouth. You get candy in your bucket – Connolly

I like getting dressed up. I’m going to be a clown. I like paw patrol toys – Amelia

I like spider webs – Luca

I’m going to have a Halloween t-shirt. I have a pumpkin but not carved a face out yet – Amelie

I like pumpkins and skeletons – Eli