Road Signs and shapes.

This week we have been learning all about 2D shapes. We can see and find shapes all around us.

Did you know that different shaped road signs tell us different things?

Circular signs give us orders! An order something we must all do!

Triangular signs give us a warning! A warning is something to be careful of or watch out for.

Rectangular signs give us information. Information is telling us something!

 Octagon shapes are that shape so that they really stand out. Octagon means STOP! You would be in danger if you did not stop.

Some of these signs use pictures to tell us something, some use words, some of them use both words and pictures.

Next time you are outside look for road signs. Remember your ‘shape facts’ and see if you can identify the shape of the sign. Send us a picture or draw a picture of a sign you find.

Question of the day Look at the signs above. Can you tell us which signs use words, pictures or both?




Question of the Day

Two questions, an activity and three more questions today !

We have a nose,  but what do birds have? Remember in the story Lucky Duck, Robin had a tiny one.  Can you find out what other differences there are between our facial features and a birds.

Why don’t you have a look in a mirror to see what features are on your face.

See if you can find your

  • eyes
  • ears
  • eyebrows
  • nose
  • eyelashes
  • cheeks

What do you have to do to find your tongue?

Do you have any dimples or freckles?

What colour are your eyes?

Now have a look at a birds face.