Snack with Mrs Martin

Join Mrs Martin in making some snack by clicking below:

 Making Snack 

After watching this video Chloe was keen to cut up some fruit and make a picture. She wanted to use some fruit from the Hungry Caterpillar story and was also desperate to eat the fruit when she was finished. Chloe worked hard and made a beautiful flower.


Can you remember all the food that the hungry caterpillar ate and how many things they ate that were the same ? Click below for more counting fun with White Rose Maths:


Children’s News

Olivia has enjoyed daily walks to visit the cows close to us, has loved playing in the pool on nice sunny days, baking more and has successfully been growing her seeds. Most importantly she is loving having her big sister to play with .
You have been busy and your baking looks delicious. 🙂