P5/6 Step Back In Time!

As the end of term was approaching, P5/6 decided to host an exhibition about WWII! We invited all our friends and families to come and join the fun!

We have been enthusiastically preparing in our groups, planning our stations and creating our own resources to present an aspect of WWII we have found exciting and enjoyed learning about.

Visitors were invited to listen to presentations on children of the war, taste cakes made with rations, take an evacuee quiz and even sign up to the RAF at Jack’s air-field! (We got enough signatures for a full squadron!)

Emma, Chloe and Paulina even budgeted and shopped for our refreshment stand!

We all agreed it was a fantastic success and received fabulous feedback from everyone!

Well done!!!

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5 thoughts on “P5/6 Step Back In Time!”

  1. I really enjoyed my ‘sneak preview’ of your exhibition and it seems that all the parents had a great time. You all worked very hard and looks like you had a super time sharing your learning. Well Done!

  2. It was great. I really enjoyed my Last day at st marys.I really miss everyone in the class and my amazing Teachers.I hope you have a great summer holiday!!

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