Keeping Healthy at St. Mary’s!

This term, in particular, the children at St. Mary’s have been very busy keeping healthy!  As well as activities within the classes, first thing in the morning the whole school has been taking part in daily warm-up sessions outside, led by the teachers.  Some of the activities have included games, learning dances, and walks around our local area.  It has been a lovely opportunity for all the children be together, and a great start to each day.

Motivated by these sessions, P5/6 helped to organise the Tesco Great School Fun Run for all the children from P1-7.  They made leaflets, badges and certificates in ICT, wrote letters, created banners and did mini presentations to each class to tell them about the Fun Run.

We were very lucky to have great weather on the 14th June, when our run took place.  Most of the children ran much further than the 2 km originally planned, and it was super to see some of the older children giving encouragement to the younger ones by running alongside them.  We even had some parents and family members who got into the spirit of things and joined in as well!

There was definitely a feeling of achievement, and we finished off the celebrations with an ice lolly.

A big thank you to all the Mums who helped on the day.

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