Golden Achievement Awards


This term our Golden Achievers are:

Daryll -for trying very hard this term to sit and listen in class, as well as
his hard work in writing.
Ella – for writing all the letters of the alphabet in sequence by herself
and for being a consistently hard worker.
Shéa – for his superb listening skills. He is always first to give his teacher
his attention on the carpet and use the class signal to contribute
to the discussion.

P 2.
Georgina – for writing 3 different things about her Christmas holiday.
Stuart – for trying very hard at his writing.
Cameron – for his detailed picture of a scorpion and his deep interest in our
living things information study.
Calum – for his detailed picture of a scorpion and his great interest in our
living things project.

Jason – for working hard in writing and using interesting sentences.
Niall – for managing difficult calculations involving adding with carrying.
Alanis – for excellent work in writing and in multiplying.
Charlie – for producing detailed art work and writing interesting stories.

P 4/5
Kuba – for being such a positive asset to P4/5 and a very motivated
Molly – for super contributions in all a class activities.
Leah – for making really good progress in both reading and writing.

Chloe – for writing a fantastic Scottish poem ‘Ma Dug’
Paul – for writing a super Scottish poem ‘The Beastie’
Crea – for her art work, making a superb guitar as part of our ‘History of
Rock’ project.
Ashleigh – for her art work, making a superb drawing in the style of D.S.
Ernest – for an an excellent piece of writing typed up for Mrs. Storey.