The Burns Poetry Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of this years poetry recital competition. The external judges found it hard to choose from the very high standards the children had set themselves, so well done to everyone who made it to the finals.

The winners are:

Primary 3

1st .   Tala Davidson
2nd.   Lucy Lemmon
3rd.   Alistair McKinley

Primary 4

1st.  Kuba Stepniewski
2nd. Ross Campbell
3rd.  Lucy Keegan

Primary 5

1st.   Molly McHugh
2nd. Ben Lawrence
3rd. =  Mica de Costa / Connor Moore

Primary 6

1st.  Crea Campbell

Primary 7

1st.  Caitlin Thorburn
2nd. = Becky Smith /  Melissa  Lynch

Primary 1 and 2 also memorised Burns poetry when they learnt the Selkirk Grace for their Burns Supper. I’m very pleased to report that they can still remember it two months later!