Spring Detectives

Primary One have been thinking about the seasons again and how they change our environment. We took advantage of a lovely sunny afternoon to become Spring detectives. What do Spring detectives do ? Well, as Thomas put it, they ” look for clues to tell us it’s spring”. We looked all around our school grounds to find evidence that Spring is here and found that the trees were changing, there were lots of colourful plants to see and that if we listened, we could hear lovely bird song.

Once we had drawn pictures of the things that we had found, we used these spring colours to make our Easter egg ornaments and cards.

Curriculum for Excellence:
I am aware of how routines and events in my world link with times and seasons, and have explored ways to record and display these using clocks, calendars and other methods. MNU 0-10a

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  1. I think you have had a lovely time looking for all the changes that spring brings all the lovely colours and flowers that you can see in the play ground well done everyone.

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