End of an Era…

As schools wind down for the end of year, St. Mary’s working parties have been disappearing deep within cupboards, emerging with armfuls of ‘things to pack’. Boxes for the removal vans are now numbered well into the 100’s – it’s going to be interesting to see what the final total is! The past few weeks have also marked up many emotional ‘lasts’ for us, including our last sports day and last assembly in a building that has been home to St. Mary’s primary for more than 40 years.

All this made recent celebrations all the more crucial and enjoyable, as a time to get together with our school community. Yesterday’s open evening and today’s ‘end of an era’ mass have been welcome opportunities to catch up with old friends, colleagues and pupils, to share many happy memories.

Mrs. Bisset’s address at today’s mass reminded us that if St. Mary’s is special, it is because we can acknowledge our faith that God loves each of us as individuals and our ethos is to reflect that in the way we treat each other. And for those of us feeling the loss of our school, Fr. Friel reminded us that, like the Phoenix, we would come back in 2012, revitalised and stronger!

Today was Mr. McCrorie’s day, as we prepare to say goodbye to him at the end of term. Mrs. Bisset spoke for the entire school when she wished him every happiness in the future, acknowledging that our loss is St. Gabriel’s gain. Mr. McCrorie is, quite simply, the best janitor a school could possibly ask for and will be greatly missed.