Writing and Recording Speeches

This week, one of the points we were looking at in Literacy and English was the different features of spoken language. We discussed what a speech is, and how we can use language to make it more effective. Two examples of speeches we listened to were from Martin Luther King, (“I have a dream”), and William Wallace in Braveheart, (“They’ll never take away our freedom!”) Eddie made a fantastic observation, that the speeches were said ‘from the heart!’
The children were given a text which a child was supposed to have written as a speech, to try and convince the listener that they should be given the “teacher’s pet” award, (fictitious, of course!) With a partner, they had to decide where to add any pauses, which words to stress, when to raise their voices etc.
Then their task was to write their own. Here were the children who were brave enough to record their speeches. See if you can recognise your child!

Click on the green arrows to play each speech.








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