Oor version o’ “Tae a Haggis!”

Abigail's 'Haggis!'

Haggis – you either love it or hate it!!
This week with Mrs Overmeer, Primary 5/6 were working on writing their versions of “Tae a Haggis.”
We wrote our poems in English first, then translated them into Scots.
Here are some of them, (in Scots and English).

Haggis is braw but nae fur me
Haggis is jist haggis but nae fur me.
Some fowk hae it fur their tea
Oh mah gosh nae fur me!
It can be served wi’ mash an’ neeps.
In th’ hills it’s knoon tae leap.
It rins bens the’ heaither in aw types ay weaither.
Haggis haggis isnae fur me!


In Scotland there is a big hill,
On the big hill there is a damp cave,
In the damp cave there is a dark corner,
In the dark corner there is a lovely smell,
The lovely smell is coming from a black stove,
In the black stove there is a pot,
In the pot is HAGGIS!


Up the brae oan th’ top
lives a creature, haggis!
It has three legs an’ lots ay fur
Ain wears black an’ red tartan.
Yoo wood nae loch tae shoot hem
Coz he can haud yer sheesht.
Sae gang awa’ back tae yer motur
An’ lae th’ wee loon, haggis!


Ye main be pit aff by th’ ingredients.
But actually it is huir uv a braw.
Hot ur braw, dornt lit it moods.
Haggis is a pile ay meat.
It goes wi’ a dollop ay neeps, some tatties tae.
Dornt pit it doon th’ cludgie ur else yoo’ll block it!


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