Scottish week in P5/6

Picture by Elliot

The children from the website group share their experiences of Scottish week.
On Monday we walked to Burns well and thats where his mother got their water. We enjoyed the Burns Supper on Tuesday we got haggis,neeps and tatties and a carton of orange or apple juice which was awesome. On Wednesday a story teller came and told us some stories and songs. On Thursday p5/6 said their poems and recorded them to put on the website. On Friday we are going to have a Ceilidh.
by Niall and Ross

We had a good time at Scots week, these are the things we did. We walked to Burns Well on monday 23nd of January 2012. Mr Leslie recited the poem ‘My Love is like a Red, Red Rose’ at the monument.
On Tuesday the 24rd of January 2012 we had a Burns supper. We had haggis neeps and tatties and had orange juice and p1/2 said the poem nessie, p2/3 said my wee doggie, p3/4 and p5/6 sang every where we go and p6/7 said “you’re welcome willie stewart.” We sang “for auld lang syne” and did 2 verses.
On Wednesday the 25th of January we had a group of story tellers. We were told about how midges were invented. On Thursday the 26th of January we had a vote to see who was going to go onto the next round after we had said our poems. On Friday the 27th of January we are having a Ceilidh. We did lots of things on scots week. It was lots of fun.
Posted by Amy and Cora