Evacuees during World War 2

This week we learned what it might have been like to have been evacuated during the war. The children were given a list of things they were allowed to take in their suitcases, and Primary 5/6 used their I.T skills to search for items on the list to fill their suitcase picture. The skills they were using included inserting images, removing backgrounds from images, and layering images, one on top of each other. They then had to save their completed picture as a jpeg so that it could make into a slideshow.
Primary 5/6 also made their own evacuee labels, using hot chocolate and coffee to stain them!
What an Evacuee was allowed to take in their suitcases on PhotoPeach

Some of the families of the P5/6 children have been sending in articles from WW2. Molly’s auntie gave us a lot of things to help us with our project, including an actual letter from an evacuee, who was sent to farm outside Exeter, but ended up having a very lucky escape. Here is Pam’s letter home.

Evacuee letter