A Special visit from Abigail’s Nana

On the 22nd of February Abigail’s Nana came in to talk to P5/6 about what life was like during the Second World War.

We learned all about rationing: these are some of them that you got, 3 pints of milk a week – it is not a lot; 2 ounces of sweets a month – it is hardly anything! Her Auntie had to wear a dress that had been sewed together from two old dresses.

Her Granny and Grandad had to dig up their flowers and grow fruit and veg so they could survive.

Her other Auntie and Uncle would go foraging for berries so they could make jam and wine.

At the end of her story she said that the war showed that nobody is better than anybody else, and we should all try and be kind to each other.

By Amy and Molly