Wearing Red for The British Heart Foundation

The nursery were raising money today for the British Heart Foundation. Everyone was encouraged to wear something red. The children and staff made £80 by selling cakes.
We went to the nursery to take photos of the occasion.

By Cora and Anthony
Nursery am Children on PhotoPeach

Nursery pm children on PhotoPeach

This week in nursery we have been learning all about our bodies, especially our hearts and how they pump blood around our body. We have been using stethoscopes to listen to our hearts beat and we have been finding our pulses. We have been running around and exercising to get our pulses up. We have been making lots of ‘Heart Art’.
Today is ‘Wear it Red day’ in aid of the British Heart Foundation. We are wearing red and selling red cakes to raise money. We also have a red raffle.
We love playing with play dough in nursery and it is great for strengthening the muscles in little hands. Here is the recipe:
3 cups plain flour
1 ½ cups salt
6 tsp cream of tartar
3 tbl sp vegetable oil
3 cups water
Food colouring/essential oils as required
Put all the ingredients into a pan and stir continuously over a low heat.