Raising money for Maggie’s Centre

A. recently raised money at home for Maggie’s Centre. She did this by, (amongst other things), making her own Christmas cards to sell.
A. took a giant cheque along to Maggie’s Centre and presented them with it. This is the account of her experience:
I went to Maggie’s Centre on the 10th of March. It is a cancer-caring centre where they help you if you are having treatment for cancer. In Maggie’s Centre they have a library where you can borrow a book for as long as you want it. They also do make up classes where you learn how to put make up on and they give you a free make-up kit. They also do Art classes. There is a room where they have shutters so you can talk privately and they really try to make it like a house so that you feel more comfortable.

2 thoughts on “Raising money for Maggie’s Centre”

  1. We are so proud of you well done keep out the hard work.
    lets see how much you can raise this year.
    love mum, dad and calum.

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