Our class visit to the Museum of Flight

On Tuesday the 20th of March p5/6 went on a class trip to the museum of flight. We got the 121 bus. It took about 19 minutes to get to east fortune. When we got there somebody called Esther was waiting on us.
I had a beautiful day. I watched a film about world war one and world war two while having my snack. In the movie there were people talking that lived during world war one and world war two.
I got to go into Concorde. The wing is different to all other planes because it is a different shape so that it goes a lot faster than a normal plane would go.
So as I say I got to go inside Concorde and Esther said that that is was all first class. The Queen has travelled in Concorde as well. I got to go through to where the pilot flies the plane; there were lots of buttons.
It was a mega mild day. My favourite part of the day was when I was in the education department. That’s when Esther sounded the alarm – it made a funny sound.
My group was Amy, Millie, me. I had my lunch then we went to a games room that had lots of fun games. There was a bike that I went on and it blew a fan and it made me cold but I was warm.
At the end we went to the park and I had lots and lots of fantastic fun. All of us played hidie catchie helpie.
By Shannon

It was a mild day when my class and I were on a public bus going to the museum of flight in East Fortune.
The first place that my class and I went to was the experience of Concorde. I had to choose 5 people and then Esther, (the lady who showed us around), took 5 people at a time and showed us around in the Concorde. I was really amazed because there was so many awesome and cool buttons in the pilot’s place. In some places there were glass windows so you could not get in. I saw where the Queen sat and I learned that the plane flew twice the speed of sound.
I also liked the awesome games at the interactive activities, it was really cool. I liked the target zone where you had a bean bag and tried to get on the target.
After all that I went outside with my class and played tig. It was a very funny fun day.
By Kuba

P 5/6 visit the Museum of Flight on PhotoPeach