Paper planes investigation

On March the 26th primary 5/6 went into groups of four and made lots of different paper airplanes. We had to make the planes out of different paper  and we had to make them different sizes.Then we made questions for our planes including how high it can fly? And how far it can fly? Then we looked at our answers and  we had to find out why they performed well or not. Ciaran’s plane went the furthest  because his wings were far back so it was very fast.

By Lucy and Molly


On Tuesday the 26th of March primary 5/6 made their own types of paper planes for their WW2 project, they were to make  questions like: how far it can go, what’s the smoothest landing & longest in the air.
Some of the planes were called: Speedy, stunt plane, glider, the wind and someone even made a concorde to fly. You could make it out of any kind of paper you wanted!
After afternoon break we went out-side to test our planes. Some were really fast some did lots of flips and tricks and some just wouldn’t fly.
Some performed well because of their design and some performed well because of their weight.  The plane’s weight makes it fly longer, if its smaller it will fly longer and if its bigger it will cover more land.

By Elliot and Ciaran
Testing our Paper Airplanes on PhotoPeach