Designing a Badge for the Womens Land Army

Recently we have been learning about the roles many women took on when the men were away, during World War 2. We found out that lots of women joined the WLA, (The Womens Land Army). These women left their homes to work on farms, (some in East Lothian!), and took over most of the jobs the men had done before that.
It wasn’t until 2008 that the government officially recognised their contribution to the war, awarding them with a special badge made especially for the occasion.
The children of Primary 5/6 designed their own badge they would have liked to have given them.
Their success criteria was:
1. Everything on their badge had to be created from scratch.
2. Any images they created had to be related to their time on the farms.
3. They were to create the badges using 4 colours or less.
After designing a rough copy on paper, they took their ideas to the computer suite……….