Planned visit of children from Chernobyl – please can you help?

On June 7th ten children from Chernobyl will be visiting St. Mary’s and Kingsmeadow for the afternoon.  The children have been brought to Scotland by Chernobyl Children’s Life Line.  We would like to offer our support to the Charity and the children by collecting some clothing and ‘everyday essentials’ that the children could take back home to share with their families.  We are looking for donations of clothes and shoes. The children visiting will be aged 10-12 years old but as they may have siblings and relatives who are in need of clothing, any good quality children’s clothes (including underwear and socks) will be most welcome.

In order to collect a variety of ‘everyday essentials’ we have allocated an item/s for each class.  If you think you could provide something for your child to donate it would be very much appreciated.

Primary  1/2  – pens  pencils (including coloured), erasers and sharpeners

Primary 2/3 – rulers and pencil cases

Primary  3/4 – notebooks (but not A4-too heavy) and geometry sets

Primary 5/6 – facecloths and toothbrushes

Primary 6/7 – plasters and antiseptic cream

Please send to school by Thursday 31st May

Many thanks

St. Mary’s Staff