This week we were looking at the learning outcome: I can conduct simple experiments involving chance and communicate my predictions and findings using the vocabulary of probability.
We looked at dice and spinners and were able to calculate the probability of a number coming up. Some of us were able to translate our findings into percentages.
We played ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ after we had worked out what our chances were of winning a game with 18 tries. Only one pair got 9 wins each, which shows probability is often down to chance.

We then looked at some vocabulary used in probability. The children were to sort out cards into the following categories: Certain, Likely, Unlikely and Impossible! There was a lot of discussion and Scott decided there should be another category called Maybe!

We played ‘Higher or Lower’ to practise using chance. P5/6 enjoyed it so much we thought we’d add it to the website!
Click on the image below to take you to the game: