P2/3 Easter Challenge

Our school is full of innovative designers and builders! Why not check out some photos of P2/3 and their Easter Challenge..

The challenge was to think of innovative ways to build a paper structure that could hold a chocolate Easter egg  for one minute! This creative task is a great example of team problem solving and is fantastic for developing not only the social skills of all the boys and girls of P2/3 but also how they choose to deal with a design challenge.

Each team had to think of imaginative ways to make a tower using the materials at their disposal. To win, the tower would have to hold the chocolate Easter egg for one minute without falling over or collapsing, not an easy challenge when the pupils of P2/3 also had to make it as tall as possible! Here are some pictures of the work in progress:





The winning team however was made up of Thomas, Andrew, Aidan S and Marischa who constructed a tower 1m and 21cm in height!


Great effort P2/3!