P2/3’s Rainy Week

We made a rain catcher. Some of us brought in plastic bottles and we cut off the top part to make a funnel and cello taped the funnel upside down to help the rain run in. We put rain catchers outside in the St Mary’s courtyard.

We finished our minibeast posters. We worked in groups to find out information about different minibeasts and had four questions to answer then we had to write our facts onto a poster with a good title.

This week primary 2/3 finished James and the Giant Peach. We really liked this book as it was funny and exciting for us to listen to.

Miss Torley was very proud of us all this week especially during our fruit tasting afternoon. All of primary 2/3 tried six new fruits. We tried some mango, papaya, passion fruit, physalis, pomegranate and sharon fruit.

See you next week! 🙂