P6/7 Bikeability

Today the pupils of P6/7 started their Bikeability Level 1 training. Click here to find out more about how they got on!

Pupils from P6/7 were visited by Mr. Marnoch, Mr. Gilhom and 5 boys from Knox Academy as part of a new Transition session around Bikeability. The class thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learning how to look after their bikes correctly.

“I learned how to do an M check to maintain my bike” – Andrew

“I thought it was interesting and fun!” – Sophie

“I learned to stand on the opposite side of the bike from the chain” – Luca

“I learned how to put down my bike correctly” – Oskaras

This was the first session of a planned six sessions until the end of November. These sessions will help improve the pupil’s knowledge, confidence and safety on bikes.

Stay tuned for more updates!