The boys and girls of P6/7 have continued taking part in their Bikeability training. Today’s lesson was the third in a series of six. Find out how they got on below.

Today’s focus in Bikeability was on balance and pedal control. One group of P6/7 pupils were learning how to maintain control at slow speeds around cones by ‘dabbing’ – not doing a full rotation on the pedals but only moving them enough to maintain speed, before returning the pedals to the ready position to repeat.

Another group also took part in a figure-of-8 relay race which tested their control and balance as they raced around large cones before high fiving a member of their team to go next.

Pupils warmed up for today’s activities by breaking up into two groups and cycling around the playground and the pitch outside the school, making sure to swap leaders. This was only done after completing an ‘M’ check on their bikes to make sure they were fully functional.

Pupils will swap over next week. The boys and girls of P6/7 are enjoying their bikeability and working closely with the high school.