P6/7 Sponsored Cycle

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The pupils of P6/7 have recently been working on a comparative study with France in the last term. As part of this topic, pupils have had plenty of opportunities to enjoy themselves in fun and interesting lessons; Tour De France activities, writing reports on France and Claude Monet, learning about Monet and Impressionism, co-ordinates and using line and tone to draw pictures of the Eiffel Tower.

As part of their topic study with France, the Tour De France was a very interesting feature and was something that the pupils saw as an opportunity to use their enterprise skills. In order to build upon the fun and technical skills of Bikeability from earlier in the year, the pupils decided that they could organise a sponsored cycle to raise money for a French coffee morning (now to be organised after the Easter holidays) and for French resources for the school.

In order to prepare for their enterprise challenge, pupils first planned a route by taking a walk outside the school and used a trundle wheel to measure the complete distance. They decided on a route that included different surfaces, inclines and directions, giving them a taster of what some Tour De France cyclists would experience. After working out the route and its distance, pupils set to work creating posters and sponsorship forms to raise money for their cycle.

The event itself was a huge success!! Pupils brought in their own bikes as well as using bikes that had been donated to the school earlier in the year by generous parents. The pupils wore in bright clothing to represent the colourful cycling jerseys worn by professional cyclists, as well as making sure they had their water bottles and snacks ready to go to refuel! Pupils followed the cones outlining the route and completed as many laps as they could in the available time, making sure to take rests and stretch whenever they needed to. The boys and girls did an amazing job to battle the terrible cold and wind in order to complete their sponsored cycle, though thankfully it was nothing like the snow that stopped our first suggested date!

The entire event was supervised by Mr. Tierney and Ethan’s dad, Mr. Rettie. The pupils of P6/7 and the school would like to thank him for being there as a responsible adult to ensure that the pupils were safe as they completed their task. He also stood up against the conditions and the wind, doing so the entire time without complaint! Without the support of Mr. Rettie and the support of parents, sponsors and extended family/friends, the sponsored cycle would have been far more difficult. Thank you all!

In summary, the pupils of P6/7 cycled continuously for an hour in difficult conditions and on a difficult route. After a little time warming up and working out the math, pupils discovered that they covered a total distance of 109,510m or 109.5km or 68.4miles. This is enough to cycle from Haddington to Glasgow! Not only that, but the pupils of P6/7 also raised a total of over £240 for their enterprise challenge, some of which will go on the coffee morning and the rest going towards school funds for French resources.

Thank you to all who had a part to play and keep an eye out for the coffee morning details once it has been finalised!