Learning in the Nursery

Health and Wellbeing

  • continue to develop the ability to share, take turns and be patient
  • continue learning sign a long , the signs for this fortnight are stop and toilet
  • learning about the importance of looking after others

Literacy and English

  • continue learning about the different parts of a book
  • learning to recognise the difference between pictures and words in familiar stories
  • drawing pictures and telling my own story about it
  • learning about the different features of text  through the sharing of books
  • exploring and playing with patterns of sound in language through singing songs and clapping games

Mathematics and Numeracy

  • asking simple questions or gather information that I need
  • learning to organise and display information in a variety of ways
  • sequencing numerals to at least 10
  • recognising numerals to at least 10
  • working out the number word after and before
  • set up question of the day in the room 

In response to the children’s interest we will provide

  • resources  linked to  treasure hunting and metal detectors
  • different apparatus to create more obstacle courses,
  • resources to help us find out about the importance of water and why our bodies need water
  • continue exploring the topic of Autumn


  • continuing with  brief gym times in nursery room
  • introducing parachute games in the garden