Health and Wellbeing

  • learning about how to look after our health and keep safe

Numeracy and Mathematics

  • learning about the days of the week and months of the years
  • learning about ordinal numbers through the use of calendars, turn taking games and labelling positions in a line
  • learning to count  items in a collection
  • learning to sequence numerals


  • opportunities to ask and answer literal questions about pictures
  • learning to use pictures and repetitive text to help predict what happens next in a story
  • opportunities to  answer  simple inferential questions about pictures in a book
  • describing to an adult what is happening in my picture so they can scribe for me
  • learning to use pictures to help me organise my ideas and thoughts for writing
  • developing storytelling through the use of props and pictures

In response to the children’s interest we will provide

  • different materials for sensory play e.g gluck, flour, shaving foam
  • hot chocolate at snack and the opportunity to toast marshmallows

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