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P5/6 visit to Hilton Lodge Nursing Home

Today we had the absolute pleasure of visiting the staff and residents of Hilton Lodge Nursing Home. We wanted to meet them because we have been learning about people like them, who have lived through World War II. We learned some songs, and took along some WWII artefacts to show them. The information they gave us was fascinating. There was an ex-pilot, spitfire engineer and nurse in the room who all told us stories about their experiences. One of the residents recognised that Chloe and Aiysha’s Great-grandad’s helmet was from Burma, and he could still remember his own army number. One lady told us that when she was at school, the children learned about the first world war, never thinking there would be another!
We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit and have all agreed we would like to visit the nursing home again.
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Playing the Blues!

Ms. Traill has been teaching us all about Blues music.  We have learned how to play Blues chords and you can hear an excerpt of us doing a bit of Blues improvisation.  There definitely is a lot of rhythm going on in P5/6!

p5-6-2-stm7       p5-6-3-stm


Caitlin thought the Blues music made her think of eating ice lollies on a hot day.

It made Jack think of a snake eye, lidless in a circle of blue flames.

Hannah felt sad because it reminded her of her cat who died.

Crea imagined a stormy night, all alone.

Our Trip to East Fortune by Rebecca K.

Our Trip to East Fortune by Rebecca K.

Yesterday P5/6 went to the Museum of Flight because we were having a Draft Day for our World War 2 project.  We went by public bus.  Mr Smythe took us but Holly’s Dad, Caitlin’s Mum and Niamh’s Mum came along too. 

It was a remarkable experience that I will never forget!                                                                          

First a short, kind lady called Sue greeted us.  She took all of us to Hangar 1 to see Concorde, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  It went twice the speed of sound.  Astonishing!  When we went inside it was amazing how many buttons there were in the cockpit.

Next we went into a biggish room and this is where the fun started!  We all started to learn how to march.  It sounded so realistic!  There was a table with a bright blue cover over it to make it a bunkbed, then we learned how to lay out our uniforms in the morning.  Some of  us tried them on – they were humungous!

After that we all had lunch.  I had pizza, coke, banana, penguin and a thick malteser smoothie.  Yum!  Once we all finished, Mr Smythe and Sue let us play outside for five minutes.

Next we all went to Fantastic Flight and we played lots of interactive games.  My favourite was the “in a spin” game.  I was furiously fast. 

In the end we all went back on the bus and got back to school okay.  I will always remember this day.

Life during World War II

We were lucky enough to have Mrs Cunningham come to visit us this week.  She was a young child during World War II, living in Haddington, and told us all about what life was like for her growing up during the war.  There were air raid shelters at her school and she didn’t like going into them as they were so dark and some of the boys in her class used to try and scare the girls!!  Mrs Cunningham also told us that evacuees came from Edinburgh to Haddington, and were in her class at school.  She said they were all lovely children, many staying on in Haddington and eventually marrying someone who had been in their class at school!   We really appreciated her visit.

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