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Learning about Capital Letters

We know that each letter has a sound and a name. We have been learning to recognise Capital Letters and match them with Lowercase Letters. We played ‘Pass the Hat of Letters Around’ and when we picked out a capital letter we had to tell everyone its sound and name and match it up with the lowercase letter.  We  listened to Mrs McHugh calling out the name of a letter and we had to find the capital and colour it.  One of our Busy Bee activities was to match the capital letters to the lowercase letters. We all did very well!

At home when you are reading perhaps you can ask your child to find capital letters in the story and tell you its name.

Capital Letters on PhotoPeach


Primary 1/2 worked together to make a collage of Nessie. The picture was in four pieces just like a jigsaw! The children had to work out what piece of Nessie they had and what colours to use. They worked very well together. How do you think they did?