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Nursery Enrolment:  Enrol your child by 6 March 2020

If your child is born between 1 March 2017 and 28 February 2018 you are encouraged to enrol your child in nursery before 6 March 2020 for 2020/21. Applications will still be accepted after this date but they will not be considered in the first allocation process.

Older children, or those who have not yet registered for an early learning and childcare place, should also register by this date.

To register for a place and find out about the different options available in council nursery setting from August 2020 please visit the ELC website

If you have any questions or can’t register by 6 March 2020 please contact the Early Years and Childcare team as below.

01620 827872 / 01620 828786 / 01620 820186