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The Nursery Outdoor Focus Group

Thanks to all Parents, Grandparents and helpers who came out last Saturday to help us to organise our garden area.It’s great to see it all looking so tidy and ready for the Spring. It was lovely to have the company of some of our children and hopefully we will have more in the Spring. We even came across our resident frog!

It was agreed that we should meet up again early Spring, maybe towards the end of February, to see what else we can do to make our grounds even better.There are some bird boxes and butterfly hides that we could fix to the trees and some ideas that need a little concrete – do we have anyone with experience of concrete mixing out there?

We also managed to get some features fixed on to the walls. Our new water wall is a big hit with the children and the mirror arch… well, it’ll be interesting to see what the children make of that… something to do with a fairyland, maybe?

Thanks again for all your support!

World Book Day 2015 in the Nursery

The morning and afternoon sessions had a fantastic time today, reading and sharing our favourite stories! Thank you parents for your support in preparing the children – it was certainly worth it as they all looked amazing.

We started our day with a special parade around the gym hall. The whole school watched as we walked around in our lovely costumes showing everyone our books (we thought they all looked great, too). Back at the nursery, we had so many books to read, we invited Primary 5/6 to come and help us. All the children were thoroughly engaged and listened well to their stories and to the others in their group.

Thanks again to our helpers – you helped to make it a special day for us!

Caring for Living Things

Spring gives us a lovely opportunity to think about caring for other animals and plants. The children have really enjoyed watching our tadpoles grow and helping to care for them. We can’t wait to see how they’ve changed over Easter.



Thank you to all who have responded to our plea for seeds, bulbs and cuttings – the children have had a lot of fun planting and role playing a garden centre. If you have any cuttings or bushes you want to thin down we’d be glad to have them – especially Lavender, Clematis, Herbs and Buddelia. Equally, if you’ve been doing any DIY recently and have any guttering, pipes or plastic tubing, we could put that to good use in the garden too.