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P2/3 Spectacular Week

This week one of our lovely primary three children is moving to a new school. All of primary 2/3 will miss you lots!

We learnt about how to be the illustrator during our book detective’s lesson. We had to draw/illustrate the main things that happened in the story.

On Tuesday we learnt about Kandinsky. We made some beautiful flower vases using only circles for the flowers. We used our artistic skills to make some creative minibeasts. Keep looking at our window to see how we did.

We worked more on our fraction knowledge and used rods on the interactive whiteboard to compare the sizes.

See you next week!

P2/3’s Inspiring Week

This week we measured pictures of minibeasts. We estimated how many cm we thought the minibeast was then used a ruler to find the accurate measurement.

We went to gym and learnt all about the long jump, hurdles and javelin. We found out how far we could jump using the colour cones and jumped the best we could over the hurdles.

We started reading James and the Giant peach and did a reading task about Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker.  

See you next week!!


P2/3’s Magnificent Week

We had a super two weeks off!!

P2/3 have two lovely new friends, we spent time getting to know each other and welcoming them into our class. To get to know each other we had a circle time and talked about our holidays and our favourite things.

We really like our new IDL minibeasts learning focus. We like learning about the creatures and like our new minibeast investigation lab. We have to wear safety goggles as we are scientists in the lab.

In maths we started to learn about measurement and used our hand spans, pencils and feet etc. to measure different items in our classroom.

In gym we did some relay racing. We had to run as fast as we could then pass the baton to the next person when we got back to the starting point. We kept going until the whistle went.

See you next week! 🙂

P2/3 Incredible Week

This week we visited Edinburgh Castle as part of our class focus learning. We got to see the prisons in the castle, the Lang Stairs and the Honours of Scotland. The prisoners left lots of artefacts behind including what they had engraved onto the thick wooden prison doors. During one exhibition there were waxwork models of blacksmiths doing their work. We got to go into the Royal Apartments and see were King James VI and I was born! It was a very small room. Some of us even managed to hear the 1 o’clock cannon go off!

We learnt about the Easter Story before making our Easter cards!

We had our last week of basketball. We played lots of matches in teams. It was great fun and we got to use all of the skills we have been learning all at the same time.

We gave an amazing performance to our mums and dads playing the steel pans. We worked very hard to learn where the notes are on the steel pans. Miss Torley thought we were SUPER!!!

Happy Easter!! See you after the holidays!! J

P2/3’s Interesting Week!

On Monday we were visited by two special knights. They came from Dirleton Castle. We asked them lots of good questions and they told us lot of facts about castles and even let us see their weapons and armour.

We continued to learn new skills in basketball. We also learnt about the five positions on a basketball team. They are point guard, power forward, small forward, shooting guard and a center.

We are all really looking forward to our visit to Edinburgh Castle.

See you next week!