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P2/3’s Epic Week

This week we all built our super castles. We used some cardboard with lots of other materials in small groups. Then we used paint and some tinfoil to decorate our castle.

Some of P2/3 got their very first chapter book. We were very happy to get one!

This week we started to look at fractions in maths while still continuing with our numeracy.

Happy St Patrick’s Day from all of P2/3 and Miss Torley.

See you next week!

P2/3’s Super Week

This week we had some special visitors on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some of our mum’s and dad’s came to see how we learn. Some of the learning we were doing in class was numeracy (counting in 2s and 3s, arrays of 2’s and 3’s, adding and subtracting between 10 and 20). Our parents also got to see us writing our instructions as part of our class learning focus.

We did lots of reading in our groups and we really like our new books!

With Mrs Thompson on Thursday we did abstract art which was lots of fun and very colourful.

See you next week!

P2/3’s Amazing Week.

Here are a few of the activities we have been doing this week!

The boys and girls of primary 2 and 3 went to Mass for Ash Wednesday. We found out that Ash Wednesday is the start of Lent.

In our gym time we started to learn about basketball. This week we were improving our passing and dribbling skills before playing a match in two teams. We learnt about a chest pass and a bounce pass.

Our new learning focus is castles and knights. In small groups we drew a life sized knight and we decided as a group what materials to use to create the knight for example metallic paint, tissue paper and silver foil. Have a look at the picture to see what it looks like now it’s finished.

We are all now book detectives and are starting to learn about the different jobs we are going to have. This week we were all the summariser. We also have a cool picture of us on our new book detective’s wall.

See you next week!!