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A Classroom Full of Fiction!

What a great effort Primary One – and a special thank you to your parents and carers!
We had a very colourful classroom on World Book Day, full of exciting characters. We nearly got taken over by stormtroopers. Mind you, I think the knights would have had something to say about that!

We had a very interesting morning talking about the authors who wrote our favourite books and why the stories were special to us. It was great fun to see what other people liked to read too.

Curriculum for Excellence
I enjoy exploring events and characters in stories and other texts, sharing my thoughts in different ways. LIT 0-19a
I enjoy exploring and choosing stories and other texts to watch, read or listen to, and can share my likes and dislikes. LIT 0-01b / LIT 0-11b


A surprise visitor at our assembly today gave us cause to celebrate success!

At the end off last term, Primary 6/7 had entered a competition while at a Food and Farming event hosted by East Links Farm. Today, Karen Somerville of the Royal Highland Education Trust came to tell us that, from the whole of East Lothian, we had 5 prize winners. Congratulations to Anya Wyllie, Aiysha Oz, Paul Cunningham, Crea Campbell and an extra mention for Emma de Costa, who is the overall winner for East Lothian. Great work, everyone!

A Wee Box can make a Big Change

Father Steve started our Lenten Appeal this year by telling us about the problems faced by the children of Haiti, before and since the earthquake.He told us about the Felix family – you can find out more about their lives in this short clip.

So we are building our own Wonderwall of Giving. The children are being invited to give something up for Lent and bring the money they save to school to ‘ buy a brick ‘ for the wall. With your help, we hope to build it high! Watch this space for updates…

Try this link to find out more about SCIAF’s work and what the celebrities are giving up for Lent!