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The Burns Poetry Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of this years poetry recital competition. The external judges found it hard to choose from the very high standards the children had set themselves, so well done to everyone who made it to the finals.

The winners are:

Primary 3

1st .   Tala Davidson
2nd.   Lucy Lemmon
3rd.   Alistair McKinley

Primary 4

1st.  Kuba Stepniewski
2nd. Ross Campbell
3rd.  Lucy Keegan

Primary 5

1st.   Molly McHugh
2nd. Ben Lawrence
3rd. =  Mica de Costa / Connor Moore

Primary 6

1st.  Crea Campbell

Primary 7

1st.  Caitlin Thorburn
2nd. = Becky Smith /  Melissa  Lynch

Primary 1 and 2 also memorised Burns poetry when they learnt the Selkirk Grace for their Burns Supper. I’m very pleased to report that they can still remember it two months later!

Scottish Week

Primary 1 had a lot of fun learning about kilts, tartan and weaving. We learnt that tartan has patterns that are repeated and that weaving makes the pattern using different colours. Once we’d had a go at weaving, we decided to make our own tartan patterns with paint. Then all we needed was to add a sporran!

We also heard the story of the Scottish flag and decided to make our own version, working in groups. We realised that we could cut it up into triangles to work on. The tricky bit was working out how to put it back together! However, with the help of a picture to guide us, we managed to put the triangles back and make an oblong again

Golden Achievement Awards


This term our Golden Achievers are:

Daryll -for trying very hard this term to sit and listen in class, as well as
his hard work in writing.
Ella – for writing all the letters of the alphabet in sequence by herself
and for being a consistently hard worker.
Shéa – for his superb listening skills. He is always first to give his teacher
his attention on the carpet and use the class signal to contribute
to the discussion.

P 2.
Georgina – for writing 3 different things about her Christmas holiday.
Stuart – for trying very hard at his writing.
Cameron – for his detailed picture of a scorpion and his deep interest in our
living things information study.
Calum – for his detailed picture of a scorpion and his great interest in our
living things project.

Jason – for working hard in writing and using interesting sentences.
Niall – for managing difficult calculations involving adding with carrying.
Alanis – for excellent work in writing and in multiplying.
Charlie – for producing detailed art work and writing interesting stories.

P 4/5
Kuba – for being such a positive asset to P4/5 and a very motivated
Molly – for super contributions in all a class activities.
Leah – for making really good progress in both reading and writing.

Chloe – for writing a fantastic Scottish poem ‘Ma Dug’
Paul – for writing a super Scottish poem ‘The Beastie’
Crea – for her art work, making a superb guitar as part of our ‘History of
Rock’ project.
Ashleigh – for her art work, making a superb drawing in the style of D.S.
Ernest – for an an excellent piece of writing typed up for Mrs. Storey.