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Children’s News

Here is an update of Helena’s news from her mum:

Helena says a big HI to her nursery teachers and friends, she is missing you all. She is enjoying the nursery updates online, especially Mrs Martin’s videos and Animal Tales, her favourite character is Bertie the Butterfly!

Here are some of Helena’s favourite recent activities:

Going for walks and running laps around the garden, including warm ups!
Drawing schedules and making a clock out of paper to help tell the time.
Making a den in the garden out of old sheets on the washing line.
Playing in the paddling pool and watering the plants with a water pistol.
Pretend play, including working from home and having very important meetings with The Gruffalo and My Little Ponies! Being a cat, an alien and a detective solving crimes.
Making a police car out of a big cardboard box and arresting baddies.
Making magic potions.
Making and decorating yummy gingerbread men.
Making an obstacle course (video attached).
Sending drawings and cards to family.
Making puppets out of wooden spoons and putting on a puppet show.
Playing a fun quiz with lots of family on Zoom and chatting to Granny and Grandad everyday on FaceTime.

Helena is also VERY excited about turning 5 next week!

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Developing your child’s fine motor skills is very important. Strengthening the muscles in their fingers and hands is vital in order for them to be able to hold a pencil correctly and then go on to write. Any mark making activities whether it is with pens, chalk, paintbrushes, fingers in shaving foam/salt/sand etc is extremely beneficial. Below are some ideas to help develop fine motor skills in children.