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JRSO ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ Event

The school Junior Road Safety Officers have been very busy this year, introducing themselves at assemblies and taking part in travel surveys. Click the link below to find out more about their latest event, the ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ day! Continue reading JRSO ‘Be Bright, Be Seen’ Event

New Year, New JRSOs!

Congratulations to the newest batch of JRSOs as they embark on their quest to promote safe and active travel within St. Marys! After almost all of the Primary 6 pupils submitted an application for one of the few positions available, the boys and girls chosen were:

Luca Maccagnano-Lugton (P6/7), Eva Doherty (P5/6), Amie Ferguson (P5/6), Andrew Larkman (P6/7) and Sophie Robertson (P5/6).

They have already attended an induction event held by East Lothian Council and have surveyed the school pupils for the ‘Hands Up’ Scotland Survey. Keep an eye on the website for more details of their contributions!