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End of term visit from Author, Jan Fearnley

Primary 1/2 had a lovely end of term visit from author and illustrator, Jan Fearnley. She read us two of her stories and drew a picture of Harry the mouse from ‘Harry and the Jaggedy Daggers’. We really enjoyed the stories and we drew our own pictures from the story and then made them into a crown. Jan said that we were great illustrators and that she had really enjoyed visiting our class!

Here is one of Jan’s well-known stories, “Mr Wolf’s Pancakes”, which is read by Jan herself!

Another Number Challenge!

We have been learning our telephone numbers as part of our Keeping Safe Topic.

Mrs McHugh challenged us to find the total of all the digits in our telephone number!

We used different ways to work out the answer. Some children used cubes, some used tally marks and some even worked it out by counting on in their heads!

Telephone Challenge on PhotoPeach