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Writing in Scots

We have been looking at Scots Language this week, and the class were asked to brainstorm in groups how many Scots words they could think of. Although they came up with some good suggestions, the children found it hard to think of many, but they discovered we sometimes use words which they didn’t realise were Scots. The children listened to the story of ‘Rumplestiltskin’ told entirely in Scots, and they understood it all!!
In our I.T this week, we used the website: to create a cartoon strip, then used an English to Scots translator, to convert our writing:
Here are the results……

Primary 5/6 Scots poems for the Burns Competition

Illustrating Oor Scots Poems on PhotoPeach

The children have been given the words home, of 5 Scottish poems. For a copy of the words to the poems, you can also click on the link below:
Scots poems for Primary 5 and 6 children 2012
Once the children have chosen which poem they would like to recite, they can listen to their poem below by clicking on the green arrow, which might help them with the pronunciation.

Cuddle Doon by Alexander Anderson

Mavis by J.K. Annand

Wee Willie Winky by William Miller

The Circus by J.K. Annand

My Hoggie by Robert Burns

Police visit to P5/6

On the 12th of January PC’s Black and Gray came to talk to us about vandalism in East Lothian. All the pictures they showed us were caused by under 13’s. We were told some interesting facts like…
1.In 2010 96 fire raising vandalism cost £396,195
2. In 2010 there was 1,684 cases of vandalism in East Lothian

Reported by Molly


Recently Primary 5/6 have been doing activities around the story of Cinderella. In our Literacy and English, we looked at using similes to describe the characters in Cinderella, and then wrote short pantomime sketches around the story, (“OH YES WE DID!”) In I.T we looked at the work of Lauren Child, an author of many books for children. She uses a mixture of drawings, real photos and textures to illustrate her stories, so our challenge was to create a scene from Cinderella in the style of Lauren Child.
You can read about how she creates her illustrations here:

Lauren Child talks about her books

Cinderella in the style of Lauren Child on PhotoPeach