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Nursery Communication

Hello to all our returning families and a warm welcome to our new families.  It is great to see all the children at nursery filling it up with laughter, smiles, chatter and activity.
Usually parents and carers are able to find out a lot of information about what goes on in nursery when they come in and out of our setting however unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. We believe it is still very important for you to be able to access all the same information therefore we are going to be updating the website  on a regular basis. We will be using the website as our main form of communicating with parents and/or carers about everyday happenings.
You will be able to find out about the following and more:
  • the staff team
  • our vision, values and aims
  • the set up of the nursery
  • snack menus
  • the children’s learning
  • newsletters
  • picture gallery
  • the nursery blog
We would also like to remind you that we firmly believe in an open door policy, however circumstances make this slightly more difficult at the moment. So although you may not be able to come through the door do not let that stop you from raising anything with us. You can get in contact with us in the following ways:
You may also speak to us at drop off or pick up time however you will appreciate that this is not always possible in which case we will ask you to give us a call.
Kind regards
The Nursery Team

Hello Everyone

It is  fantastic to see children back in nursery, filling it with smiles, laughter and activity.  Our returning children are coping so well  with all the changes we have had to implement in our setting  and we are extremely proud of them all.


A big thank you to our new families who braved the wind and the rain last Friday for their enrolment visit . We were so pleased to meet you all.

Welcome to The New Term at St Mary’s Nursery

The nursery team are really looking forward to seeing our returning children  this week, and welcoming our new children over the next couple of weeks.

We have been very busy getting the nursery class and garden ready for you all and thought you would like to see some of the changes we have made.

The nursery class is now divided into two sides, one for the Elephants and Giraffes, the other  for Tigers and Monkeys, here is a glimpse of how each side looks.



When  St Mary’s Nursery children come to nursery they will now wait on the field beside the school grounds where they will be met. We know that you may be feeling excited, happy, worried, or unsure so look out for the familiar faces of Mrs Martin, Mrs Blair, Mrs Wilson or Mrs Flockhart. If you see a new face that will be Mrs MacArthur, Mrs Hippe will see you in the afternoon. When collected by the nursery team the children will go through the main school gates near the scout hall, walk through the school playground and enter nursery via the nursery garden gate.

Main School Entrance

Nursery Gate

See you all soon 😀