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Learning to program animations

Primaries 1, 2 and 3 have been learning how to program images to animate them. Working with a partner, they chose their background, and the characters and objects they wanted to put into their animation, then added lots of frames, moving their characters and objects slightly. The children found it took a long time to make just a few seconds of animation!
Here are some of the animations from both classes.
Primary 1/2

Creating the Solar System with P1/2

Primary 2/3

Owen and Isla


Learning about Animation

The boys and girls from Primaries 4 to 7 have been learning about animation, and have been using different ways to make one of their own. Primary 4/5 made theirs in a powerpoint presentation, duplicating slides and moving their characters each time.
Here is Andrew and Jamie’s:

Primaries 5/6 and 7 have been using Windows Movie Maker to make their animations. They saved each slide they made as an image, then inserted them into Movie Maker. The children also added audio and video clips to their final animation. What the children found out is that it takes an awful long time to make a few seconds of film!!
Here is a final edit!!

Scratch Programming

Primaries 5, 6 and 7 have recently been doing a block of lessons on programming. They have been learning to make their own games, literally from scratch! The children had to design their own backdrop and characters, then program the fish to move and react in a certain way. Here is Niall’s game. Watch out for the red fish – you can win extra points if you manage to catch him! To end the game, click the red button in the top right hand corner.

The children in P6/7 shared their games with the boys and girls of P3/4.


This year, some of the classes have been looking at using colour effectively. The children in P5, 6 and 7 used ‘Tagxedo’ to create word clouds about a creature they had created. After creating their creature, they chose words to describe it, then programmed specific colours to make their word cloud. This was quite tricky! Here are just a couple of the finished pieces of work.
Hannah and Ava

Ciaran and Kuba