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Weaving in Primary 6/7

Primary 6/7 recently took part in a seven week weaving project. Sarah a community artist brought along local volunteers Nan, Maria and John who all used to work in the West Mills in Haddington. The West Mills are now being redeveloped into flats. The class learned how to use weaving techniques such as warp and wefts. With the weaver’s expert tuition primary 6/7 started making weaving patterns. These patterns were then collected and will be judged at a later date possibly by the world famous fashion designer Vivian Westwood. This winning design will then be taken to Dalgliesh’s Mill in Selkirk and woven into a real piece of tartan cloth. The piece of tartan will be displayed in the new John Gray Centre which opens next year.
We also used a hand loom in the class to create a piece of cloth from a swatch chosen by the class. Crea’s was the winning weaving sample and was made into a piece of cloth. All the class thoroughly enjoyed this project and learned new skills from Nan, Maria and John. Here are some photographs which show some of our work.

Building Structures

The children of Primary 5/6 are really enjoying their topic ‘setting up a new school’.

Recently an architect visited the classroom and showed us a lot of different images of buildings. We learned to look for beams, columns and trusses in buildings, and afterwards we explored engineering our own 3D objects to demonstrate strengthening. The children used their problem-solving strategies and the knowledge they had learned to construct their models.   Only one or two buildings didn’t stand up, so we think we did really well!

Building Structures on PhotoPeach