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Welcome to St Mary’s nursery

Welcome to St Mary’s Nursery web page. Here you will find information on events and activities in the nursery. We will also keep you updated on what we have been up to in our busy nursery. Newsletters and key dates will also be posted online, so please stay tuned! We’ve been having lots of fun in the nursery this term. The new children are settling in well and we are now turning our thoughts towards Christmas fun and festivities. Please remember that if you would like to help us in the nursery, we have a parent helper list in the cloakroom – just add your name.

picture created by Amy, P5

What the website group have been up to.

The website group have been doing some work on the St Mary’s website to make it better and more cool. Please tell other people about this website. The website group are counting on you! Thank you for reading this, please make a comment about the cool stuff. Hope you enjoy it!                                                        written by Hannah and Tala

Weaving in Primary 6/7

Primary 6/7 recently took part in a seven week weaving project. Sarah a community artist brought along local volunteers Nan, Maria and John who all used to work in the West Mills in Haddington. The West Mills are now being redeveloped into flats. The class learned how to use weaving techniques such as warp and wefts. With the weaver’s expert tuition primary 6/7 started making weaving patterns. These patterns were then collected and will be judged at a later date possibly by the world famous fashion designer Vivian Westwood. This winning design will then be taken to Dalgliesh’s Mill in Selkirk and woven into a real piece of tartan cloth. The piece of tartan will be displayed in the new John Gray Centre which opens next year.
We also used a hand loom in the class to create a piece of cloth from a swatch chosen by the class. Crea’s was the winning weaving sample and was made into a piece of cloth. All the class thoroughly enjoyed this project and learned new skills from Nan, Maria and John. Here are some photographs which show some of our work.