P2/3 Terrific Week

This week we have been learning about number. We have been continuing to count in 2’s and 3’s to help us with our multiplications and division.

We did science experiments! We decided to experiment and see what plants need to grow. We set up 4 fair tests with broad bean seeds and will watch to see if and how they grow.

We did lots of reading in our groups! We have started to use some of our book detective’s skills during our core reading time.

See you next week! 🙂

Nursery in May

As the weather has been getting better, more children have been choosing to spend time outdoors in nursery. We have been finding lots of different insects in our nursery garden, and even a frog one day! We have been learning to look after different things, eg our beans we have been growing, washing our dolls and soon our caterpillars will arrive! Some of the morning children decided they would like to run a cafe next week for snack, with lots of ideas like making the tables fancy and having newspapers and comics to read. Our morning children are beginning their transition to school, with story sessions, playground visits and a Treasure Hunt next week.
Here are some of our photos of what we’ve been getting up to in the nursery… Continue reading Nursery in May

P2/3’s Excellent Week

This week during our numeracy lessons we were learning about sharing counters into equal groups. We enjoyed the different math activities that we had to do.

We learnt about food chains and we discussed what different animal’s food chains were.

P2/3 used their wonderful imaginations to write a story about a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. We had to use lots of our VCOP skills to show how much we have learnt.

We did lots of reading and did a big reading task about James and the Giant Peach.

See you next week! J

(A big well done to the children who did some of the typing today!)

P2/3 Spectacular Week

This week one of our lovely primary three children is moving to a new school. All of primary 2/3 will miss you lots!

We learnt about how to be the illustrator during our book detective’s lesson. We had to draw/illustrate the main things that happened in the story.

On Tuesday we learnt about Kandinsky. We made some beautiful flower vases using only circles for the flowers. We used our artistic skills to make some creative minibeasts. Keep looking at our window to see how we did.

We worked more on our fraction knowledge and used rods on the interactive whiteboard to compare the sizes.

See you next week!