P5/6 visit to Hilton Lodge Nursing Home

Today we had the absolute pleasure of visiting the staff and residents of Hilton Lodge Nursing Home. We wanted to meet them because we have been learning about people like them, who have lived through World War II. We learned some songs, and took along some WWII artefacts to show them. The information they gave us was fascinating. There was an ex-pilot, spitfire engineer and nurse in the room who all told us stories about their experiences. One of the residents recognised that Chloe and Aiysha’s Great-grandad’s helmet was from Burma, and he could still remember his own army number. One lady told us that when she was at school, the children learned about the first world war, never thinking there would be another!
We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit and have all agreed we would like to visit the nursing home again.
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Playing the Blues!

Ms. Traill has been teaching us all about Blues music.  We have learned how to play Blues chords and you can hear an excerpt of us doing a bit of Blues improvisation.  There definitely is a lot of rhythm going on in P5/6!

p5-6-2-stm7       p5-6-3-stm


Caitlin thought the Blues music made her think of eating ice lollies on a hot day.

It made Jack think of a snake eye, lidless in a circle of blue flames.

Hannah felt sad because it reminded her of her cat who died.

Crea imagined a stormy night, all alone.

Learning Together

P5/6 came to show us how to use Mod Roc. We used it to make seagulls like the ones we have been reading about in The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. It was very messy!

P5/6 gave us instructions of what to do and we think we followed them well. We will take a photo of our finished seagulls to let you decide.

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