P4-7 2008/09


Check out the Health Page for more info about Health Week!! (11th-15th May)

By Abigail

Primary 7 have started practising for their guitar hero competition against Kings Meadow. The bands have already created names, logos and biographys. Watch this space for a few weeks because soon there will be a link to each bands web page.

By Abigail and Harriet


Miss Greg has been working with classes up and down the school to design a school mural. P3/4 has been doing an underwater theme, p5/6 jungle theme and p.6/7 are doing a space theme. Everyone is enjoying doing art work with Miss Greg.

Keep your eye on the walls and watch out for the wet paint!


There was a school camp meeting for parents and excited children. All p5s and sixes are buzzing with excitement and can not wait to go.
P.s. Forms have to be handed in by the 24th of April.


On Monday the 27th of April p3/4 are going to the Seabird centre. The whole class is excited we hope they have a great day.

By Rebecca K. and Hannah


P.4-7 dressed up for red nose day. Many of the pupils did ‘something funny for money’. A group of P.7 boys dressed up as ‘Girls Aloud’ for the day. Pupils did a sponsored silence and red nose day cakes were sold all in aid of Red Nose Day. Well done to all who took part and donated to a great cause!


CONGRATULATIONS to Harriet, Bronwyn, Gregor and Harry who competed in the second round of Euroquiz held at Loretto High School. The St. Mary’s team studied hard and correctly answered a variety of questions on Europe. St. Mary’s WON the competition and go through to the next round held at the Scottish Parliament. Congratulations once again to the team!!

Sorry we haven’t been in touch lately. There’s been lots going on in our school!!

We had Scotland week in school for Robert Burns’ Birthday. P.5-7 organised a Burns supper we invited guests to sing and address the haggis. There was oatcakes, cheese, shortbread, crackers and of course haggis. The food commitee organised all the food and seating for the day.

There was entertainment including drummers, a piper and a keyboard performance. Pupils also wrote and recited their own poems they had written. It was fun and exciting to have all the classes together!

Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day!

We had whole school pancake races in the hall. P.1-7 brought in frying pans and teachers brought in pancakes to flip. It was great fun!

World Book Day!!

We all had a reading week in school.
During the week p5/6 had a pyjama day. We all dressed in our pj’s and slippers.We read a book and got comfy. The whole class would like to do it again soon!

P.5/6 chose a book to read to a P.1/2 pupil. It was a great success and a small group of P.5/6 pupils now go each morning to read to P.1/2.

On world book day everyone dressed up as their favourite book character and showed the whole school in the hall. Staff dressed up as pirates!

Ciaran and James

Look at what P.4-7 have been doing!


P5/6 and 7 as you know are doing Sands Of Time associated by Scottish Opera. On the 19th of January Yester Primary School came to St Marys Primary School. Roger came to St Marys primary School at the same time as Yester. Roger is a musical director from Scottish Opera. It was a good success.

Emma D, Melissa and Rebecca

The Sands of Time! 15/01/09

Primary 5,6 and 7 have been learning songs for Scottish Opera play called The Sands of Time.
Yester primary will be joining us on Monday the 19th of February we will be performing the play in the school hall.

Parents are welcome; further details will be posted soon.

Bronwyn, Harriet and Emily


The pupils had been learning dances during P.E. Mrs McKendrick taught pupils Waterdown reel, Haymakers, dashing white sargeant to name a few. After the ceilidh we all had Irn-Bru and shortbread. The ceilidh was really exciting and everyone danced including the teachers!

Everyone had a fantastic time!!!

Ciaran Natalie and Chloe


The whole school did a saltire. The children lay on the floor. The children that had white shirts was the cross and the people that had the blue jerseys made up the rest of the flag.

Primary 5/6 had a Scottish food tasting afternoon.This involed hot haggis, shortbread, caramel wafers, tablet, oatcakes and chedder cheese. The favourite food was caramel wafers but not everyone enjoyed the haggis!


Next week is scottish week in school. On Friday please remeber to wear something tartan. Sorry for the bad news but you have to bring £1.50 for the day. The whole school are going to have a ceilidh on Friday.

We are also having visit from Fergus McNicol who will tell us old scottish stories.

Chloe and Emily

20th November

P4to7 are rehearsing for their Christmas play ‘Lost in Space’.
Some people need to learn their lines-keep practising!

P4 project is about Electricity.We researched Electricity on the computer.On the computer we looked up electricity that is dangerous.

P5.In E.S. we have been making fruit smoothies.The ingredients were yoghurt,pure orange, apple and bananas. We are going to make a recipie book.

Hannah and Anya

November 13th 2008

Competition Time!
The level C maths group in Mr Griffens class have been making a Geometry Town using solid shapes. The judging will take place today at 2pm.
We will let you know when the winner gets announced.

Author Visit
Eleanor Patrick author of Scordril came to visit P5/6 because we were reading the book Scordril.
She told the class how she got her ideas for the book. The story is set in East Lothian. Eleanor writes with her friend Susan and they use the name Kelsey Drake.
P5/6 really enjoyed the visit and hope that Eleanor will visit again.

Hannah and Anya

P1-3 2008/2009

This page shows what P1 to P3 are doing in school.
P1/2 have been learning about shape. Have a look at our photos to see what we’ve been doing.

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Starting on Monday 27th April we will be having the Book Fair in school for a week. There will be lots of good books to buy.Each class will have an opportunity to look at the books during the day and books will be on sale after school too.

P1/2 are enjoying having Buddy Readers from P5/6 coming to read with them-P5/6 seem to like it too!

P1/2 enjoyed 2 drama lessons with Marjory Sweeney from The Brunton Theatre.
They had great fun acting The 3 Little Pigs and being scary wolves!
Marjory was impressed with the children’s answers-Well Done boys and girls!
Anya Ashleigh and Becky

Everyone in P1-3 dressed up on Red Nose Day and brought £1 to school for Comic Relief. Lots of P1’s looked like Rudolph with their red noses.

Linda Greig has been working with P1/2 and P2/3 to get ideas and designs for our school mural.
P1/2 are doing an Underwater theme and P2/3 have decided on a Lego theme-we can’t wait to get started on the painting!

Our whole school is having a great time playing out in the lovely weather and we have been playing with toys that were bought for us by the PTA. If anyone has any spare bats,balls, swingball etc we would be really happy to use them in the playground. Please hand in to Mrs McHugh.

Sorry we haven’t been in touch lately but we’ve had lots on!
Read on and we’ll tell you all about it.
The First Burns Supper
P1-4 had their first ever Burns Supper which was a great success. Mrs Skeldon made stovies for everyone which were very tasty. Each class recited a Scottish poem and everyone sang Auld Lang
Syne together. Everyone agreed that they would do it again next year.

Snow in February!
We all had great fun making snowmen in the playground when the snow eventually came!

Pancake Races
On Shrove Tuesday the whole school including the nursery met in the hall for pancake races.
Everyone brought their frying pans and P6/7 made up a race for each class. There weren’t many whole pancakes left by the end!

World Book Day
P1-3 dressed as characters from their favourite books and brought their books to show everyone.We had a parade in the hall.There were lots of Disney princesses!
P2/3 did lots of fun activities about The Gruffalo which is one of their favourite books.

Library Visit
P1/2 visited Claire at Haddington Library and had good fun looking at all the books.Some of the children went back with their mums to borrow a book to take home.
Bronwyn and Nina

Welcome back pupils! 15/01/09

Primary 1-3 are going to learn some Scottish poems to celebrate the birthday of Robert Burns on the 25th of January. From the 26th – 30th of January will be Burns week the whole school will be learning some scottish Burns poems and pupils from each class will be having a Burns supper in school. On the Friday there is going to be a ceilidh.

Hannah and Rebecca

Scottish week was a great success!
P1-3 did lots of fun activities.P2/3 designed Nessie puppets and were great at showing P12 how to make them.
They learned a poem about Nessie which they performed to the whole school at the Ceilidh-Some of the big boys and girls didn’t know what some of the scottish words meant-maybe P1-3 can explain to them!

P1-3 tasted haggis,neeps and tatties and they ate the lot! Martyna,one of our Polish pupils tasted Haggis for the first time and wanted to know where it was bought so her mum could buy it, because she liked it so much.

The week ended with a whole school Ceilidh. Every class had learned a few dances which were performed at the Ceilidh. We all had a great time but the teachers were tired after one dance!

We hope to have another Ceilidh again soon!

Lara and Bronwyn

Scottish Week
Next week we are having a Scottish week in school.
Please remember to wear something tartan on Friday and bring £1.50 for charity.
We are looking forward to our Ceilidh on Friday morning
Each class will be doing lots of Scottish Activities!

Lara Natalie Ciaran

Puppet Show!
20th November 2008-
P23 are going to entertain P12 this afternoon with puppet shows.
P12 are very excited.They will tell us what they thought about it.

Author visit

Next Wednesday 19th November the author Eric Pullin will be visiting P1-4 and telling them about his books. His books will be on sale after his visit. The children will be bringing a note home about the visit.

Nina and Rebecca

Christmas Play:

The children in p1 to p3 have started rehearsing their Christmas play 2008 ‘Whoops-a-Daisy Angel’.

P1 to P3 joined up to think about what they would like to do in our Scottish Week at the end of November 2008.

P1/2 have been learning about the weather and they enjoyed a walk in the rain.
Rebecca and Harriet

P2/3 have been making puppets and learning about puppeteers as part of their project.
They are working in groups to make up short plays to show each other.

P1/2 are starting a project on Toys.
If any parents have any toys from when they were young we would love to see them.